We say that we are born into the family of God and into the Church at baptism.

The gift of new life is always a great joy to families and this joyfulness is the same when someone is baptised into the New Life of Christian Family: The Church.

Baptism is the gateway into the other Sacraments and invites us to begin our spiritual journey in a particular direction, the direction that is not a path but The Way. This Way is Jesus Christ. As baptised Christians we are invited to walk with Jesus Christ and witness to Him with our family The Church – what a great calling and privilege this is.

Criteria for Baptism

For a baby or child to be baptised one of the parents must be a baptised Catholic.

The family should live in the parish.


There will a baptism course to attend – usually just one session.

Attendance at Sunday Mass so that we begin to get to know each other and you become familiar with the community you are asking to be baptised into.

After attending the baptism course and Mass for a few weeks we will then look at dates for the baptism.