BAPTISM – Updated February 2021

I would like to congratulate all of our parents who have welcomed new babies during the past year.  It’s wonderful to hear the news that we have so many new arrivals.

For obvious reasons we are very behind with baptisms and so while we have had the news that restrictions will soon be lifted, we are not there yet.  If you have already made enquiries regarding your child’s baptism and have been given a date or indeed had a date cancelled, we will be in touch very soon.

If you are making enquiries for the first time, here is the procedure:

  • Please do not contact the Parish stating you want to book a christening/baptism telling us what date you would like the baptism on, as it does not happen like that.  Also, telling us you already have a venue booked for after the baptism will not guarantee you the date you are requesting.
  • To request a baptism for your child you need to come along to Sunday Mass at 11am at St Anthony’s once we are open.  Please keep yourself informed by regularly looking at our newsletters which are on our website ( or on our Facebook Page (St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Walker)
  • You will need to come for at least a few weeks before requesting a baptism.  Please do not arrive for the first time and ask for a baptism as it does not work like that, unless you already regularly attend which means the Priest knows you and can therefore see that you are prepared to be committed members of the community.  If you do not already regularly attend then after doing so for a few weeks, please introduce yourself to Father David Smith, our Parish Priest, and he will have a brief chat and if appropriate give you a Baptism Application Form.
  • Once the form is returned, you will be given a date to attend a Baptism Catechesis Session.  Once that is completed then you will be offered dates from which you can choose.

All I ask is that you are patient, understanding and respectful during this process.  Apologies to the majority who would always be patient, understanding and respectful but lately we have had people who are not.  I look forward to baptising your child and welcoming them into the community.

Fr David Smith.